Most people confuse their life situation with their actual life, which is the underlying flow beneath everyday events. This is the purpose of spiritual integration: to help you see, recognize, act from and upon the life beneath the life situation. I call this listening for possibility: listening for hopes, dreams, frustrations and what it all might mean. Why is this so helpful? We all desire to craft a life worth living that feels internally congruent. Spiritual development comes by reconnecting with our authentic self and deepening our connections with our Life Force. Then living life becomes more about ease, empowerment and joy. As limiting beliefs, habits and attachments change, new possibilities arise that can bring more meaning and peace; your judgment of others, fears in and of life will diminish, as love and compassion increase, creating more room for synchronicity and grace.

To quell any misconception, you can, though need not be, religious, nor have attained some level of spirituality to benefit from spiritual direction.

Helen Cleveland is an experienced Spiritual Director and Enneagram Educator who is able to help clients see the invitations in their lives, which will awaken the freedom within.

I have a strong desire to gently and carefully guide you on this path and will listen deeply with care and compassion to your story. I come from a place of love, a love of learning, and gratitude for the moment. It is for you to discover for yourself where you are being led, to savor the goodness in your life, and to sort out difficult circumstances and choices.


Share hopes, struggles, privilege, loss, joys, creative impulse and blockage: This is what I want, versus this is what I should desire

Determine your choices and consider difficult decisions: this kind of thinking or acting inspires me versus this kind of thinking or acting drags me down

Reframe your story: I want to do what I love; what is that and how do I start and keep moving

Wrestle with and embrace the fullness of life: I used to see only scarcity in front of me, now I see abundance

Plumb the mystery, paradox, and questions: I have all I need and have always had all I need; I want to accept and appreciate that brilliance and radiate it out in the world and live abundantly.

Soften the heart: It has become more natural to serve others and the world with generosity and graciousness. I want to choose felicity and delight more consistently in my life

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